Is it OK to spray my pet with perfume?

perfume bottles with black dog

I say No, absolutely not! While some Vets say on their tail occasionally won’t hurt, I disagree.  Oh sure, if Bella is sitting at your feet while you are getting dressed and some of your Chanel No. 5 in the air gets on her, there is no harm.  However, if Bella smells like wet dog and you can't get her to the groomer or bathe her yourself then a dog grooming spray is a great solution. Our natural aromatherapy pampering spritz are available for you and Bella in a variety of scents that will not only eliminate Bella's special doggie odor but tantalize both of your discerning nose as well.

This is my precious fur baby, Mya, when I met her at the shelter. To say she was funky is putting mildly.  I had to drive home with the windows down, that’s how bad the smell was.  She had just been spayed; a requirement before she could be adopted.  Of course,  that also meant she could not bathe for 2 weeks.  So we had to either live with the smell or come up with another solution.  I tried using wet wipes to wipe her down but the best solution was something that I could spray on her fur away from her incision.  And so my first pampering spritz was born.  

You no longer have to worry that you may have gotten used to your fur baby’s less than fresh smell.  All that’s needed is a quick spritz before heading out into public or before having guests over. Just spray a quick mist on your fur baby and don’t forget your pet's bedding with our deodorizing mist to neutralize odors.

Our dog perfume and cologne does a good job of keeping your fur baby smelling fresh.  We have a variety of scents.  Some scents calm while other aim to soothe the nerves. And still others deodorizes by simply neutralizing any smell. Our most popular scent is Refresh which has a mild baby powder scent. If you like a more citrus smell, then you will like Mandarin orange essential oil is known  as a nervous relaxant meaning it can soothe an anxious pup.