Treat em Right Spa Collection

Soap, Lotion and Grooming Cologne

Dog bone shaped shampoo bar soap. Made with oatmeal, lemongrass essential oil as well as being balanced with the gentleness of the detergent free baby buttermilk soap base.

This super sensitive blend is perfect for pups with dry or itchy skin who react poorly to detergents, fragrances, and perfumes found in many commercial shampoos. 

Our paw and lotion bar has cocoa butter to moisturize, beeswax to add anti-fungal properties, coconut oil, aloe juice, and oat extract to soothe plus a touch of Lavender essential oil for healing.

To use: Gently rub on dog's nose and paws to relieve dryness from outside activities. Also great for indoor pups!

Grooming Refreshing Spray can be use in between baths to freshen up your fur babies coat.  This wonderful spray is safe for dogs and cats. It is especially designed to condition their coat and neutralize that "pet smell". It's also great for furniture, bedding and anywhere your fur baby lay down. We offer 3 scents.

Simply shake the bottle and spray. You can spray your hands if your fur baby hates the sound of a spray can and gently rubbed into fur. We recommend if you do use it on bedding, make sure to give yourself some space and spritz with a little distance.

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