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Give Your Dog a S’Paw Treatment at Home

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Show your fur baby how much you care by treating her to a pampered spa session at home. Giving your dog a spa treatment at home is not only fun and rewarding for both you and your fur baby, but it can also be beneficial. First, show your dog just how much you love her by treating her like the pampered pooch she is. Second, spending time together will certainly build a bond between the two of you.  And finally, you will be exercising and working out all the way through grooming, drying, and brushing; ending with a fabulous treat of the best dog cologne available in several scents from Pawsitively Puppy Love.

Be sure to plan your spa event so that it goes smoothly. Have all the tools at hand before starting. You may consider brush, nail clipper, towel, diffuser, music and treats for you both. 

A good spa treatment starts off with exercise. This will assist your dog to relax more quickly when getting ready for his pampering and spoiling. Get Fluffy’s heart rate up with her favorite exercise; be it tossing a ball or going for a brisk run. Keep your exercise short and simple and make it about your fur baby and what she enjoys most.

Next, give her a gentle massage. Use one of our delicious scents to spritz Fluffy’s coat. Have her stand and begin working from the top of her head down towards her neck, gently rubbing in small circles pulling her skin and muscles back away from her head. Then have her sit or lie down and begin to work her shoulders. Using the tips of your fingers, tap into her muscles with circular motions for a soft gentle massage. Your dog’s shoulders carry much of its weight and work hard. Take this massage slowly and pamper your fur baby.

Finish up by clipping Fluffy’s nails, being careful not to clip the quick that hides inside the nail which could cause bleeding if cut. You can also give your dog’s nails a beautiful color with dog safe nail polish. 

Don’t forget to put a scent that is pleasing to you both in the diffuser. You can use the grooming spritz from Pawsitively Puppy Love in the diffuser as most are made with essential oils. Turn down the lights and play some of your favorite tunes. You can build a playlist ahead of time on Spotify. 

And end with a treat. Check out our Pinterest page for some great dog treat recipes.


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